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Gold Scanners

High quality Gold Scanners available for purchase from maxFynd.

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A two-piece detector consisting of a special alloy stick and a handheld Accelerometer. It will swin..
This is a great Fitness Activity watch and long range gold detector in one. As well as pulse activi..
This radio controlled hovercraft will detect gold over land or water. Indicates gold as it passes ov..
  Just place the Arboreal on a tree and watch the digits change giving you the tree conductivity us..
ARGB Dualis
Using colored light panels this will indicate the gold direction then pinpoint the target with the d..
Assaya - In Car Gold Detector (eNigmacam)
  The maxFynd Assaya puts you in the drivers seat in the race to find gold both natural and man-mad..
  The Assisto I aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visual..
Assisto II aka Moody (Calibur)
he Assisto II aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visual in..
Aurifer's Torch
Scan any area watching the LED change color inside the glass sphere. It will go dark in the gold dir..
Auto Gold Doppler
Just sit on your Dashboard and watch as the gold occurrences the car passes over or next to are indi..
Battery-operated spinning top  will throw many colors and spin without need for finger start. As it ..
Controlled Chaos
User independent  Pendulum which you can see in action here  before we modified it.: https://www.yo..
Fits in your pocket but packs more punch than an exceptionally good beeper detector. It will detect ..
Dain-Lees Fieldscan aka maxFynder Miner
aka maxFynder Miner   Here it is! A dream come true for all gold seekers!   Don these goggle..
Directional Gold Ion Aerial/Pointer
The Directional Gold Ion Aerial/Pointer is a handheld antenna by Viblan maxFynd that will transmit a..
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