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Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos
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User independent  Pendulum which you can see in action here  before we modified it.:


maxFynd Mods has succeeded in turning a chaotic pendulum into a nifty unit that will indicate the location of gold either as a mobile handheld or tabletop unit. We guarantee this will work better than any pendulum on the market since it's automatic swing has an amazing amount of vector purchase acting upon it.

The included Joola angle tool will confirm the location and depth, type and weight at the target point. This is blind confirmation since the Joola can be proven not to be influenced by the user, and once again proves that a pendulum need not be held by the operator and thus be an ideomotor talking point or fallacy.



For those interested in the new science of Chaos we recommend you search Youtube for chaos science videos like

The Strange New Science of Chaos


But you don't need any information to use the very user-friendly Controlled Chaos pendulum by maxFynd to find gold hundreds of feet away and up to 50 feet down! Smile

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