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Assisto II aka Moody (Calibur)

Assisto II aka Moody (Calibur)
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he Assisto II aka Moody Advisor is a fabulous detector that will give you both audible and visual indications when a special external aerial is pointing towards gold.


It features a geiger-like clicking that increases when the user is approaching gold.


Compact enough to fit in your pocket this device makes detecting fun. Very sensitive but great when you escape interference in built-up areas and other enclosed spaces.


Tested in goldfields where mineralization is the worst in the world, it performed admirably.


A very attractive pocket unit, it is hard to beat.


You will be able to determine depth and size etc. with included accessories. Old name - Vibescan.

Design may vary



Released this week the Assisto GFM (Gold, Fosills and Meteorites) is a super detector with many applications.


Watch it in the field here:

Only $199USD extra.






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