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Gold Scanners

High quality Gold Scanners available for purchase from maxFynd.

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Hoobu & Io Combo
The perfect way to detect gold, silver and copper.   Use either the Hoobu and/or Io to confirm gol..
This handheld wonder detects ions in the environment emanating from gold occurrences in the vicinity..
Ionik 'Aubiter'
A must watch:   Here it is folks...the Ionik 'Aubiter..
Joola Gold Grabber
With each swing of the Joola long range detecting tool you take a shot of the surface with the attac..
Joola Master Set
Four Joola angle tools that willl test a target point for gold characteristics. This will confirm 10..
LightBox II
Hold like an old-style camera and wait for the LEDs to shine in the exact direction of any gold.   ..
Lux Roulette
Start the tiny balls moving with the battery powered switch motor and watch them settle. When the ae..
  Light, convenient and accurate the Luxmaster is a unique method of outdoor gold detection involvi..
Maximet 2020
THE MAXIMET 2020 GOLD DETECTION SYSTEM                 The kit contains a small tin of ..
mF SUNN Glasses
With these special maxFynd solar glasses you will know the best time to use maxFynd equipment. Sola..
Midas Ring
In the mood for gold? Why wouldn't you be? It's tipped to soar in value again to more than 2000USD (..
Miner II
This handheld detector is extremely easy to use and will zero in on gold wherever it is up to hundre..
Mystery Long Range Marvel - Maximus I
  maxFynd has developed an ultra-powerful long range detector.the likes of which has never been see..
Nightstick Metal Detector
Light changes from green to red over gold. Great for detection in the dark. Joola rod confirms posit..
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