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Dain-Lees Fieldscan aka maxFynder Miner

Dain-Lees Fieldscan aka maxFynder Miner
Product Code: Dain--Lees Fieldscan aka maxfynder Miner
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aka maxFynder Miner


Here it is! A dream come true for all gold seekers!

Don these goggles and you will be able to detect gold for hundreds of feet around you and 50 feet or night!
When you are looking at the ground surface where gold lies, a red window on the right of the goggles will glow in response to infra-red radiation.
This can be easily proven by going to old mines or jewellery stores. 
You can also use the included Microtell Joola tool that goes to gold because of the special alloy it's composed of. You can test it with gold you have.
It will give you depth, type of gold, weight and is dual mode...micro or greater than an ounce. No more worthless gold!
If this isn't the best detector out there..she'll eat...I mean, I'll eat my hat!!
Another maxFynd mods World First. - 2017

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