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The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth   

Gold Detecting Cameras

Top of the range Gold Detecting Cameras available from maxFynd.

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 3D PolaCam
The maxFynd Gold Detecting Viblan 3D PolaCam. Includes a huge 3.5in. LCD to accommodate PolaCam Co..
'Jove II' Time-Lapse Cam
     Now with Chroma II !
'Submate' Underwater Gold Camera
This underwater bottom-riding camera beams back what it sees to an LCD screen on the shore up to 50-..
'Ultimat' Sunshades
Allows continuous (many hours) recording of area while you're wearing them. No cam visible but onc..
A. Zoomcast Binocam (eNigmacam Deluxe)
      Now with Chroma II !
Acme Thermal Image Detector
maxFynd has successfully managed to combine a thermal imaging camera and  a smartphone to give a sup..
Model rockets interesting but never got around to it? Now you can experience the thrill of sending a..
Number 1 for 2014!   Grab this combo camera both instant and digital in one!   But that's not th..
Chroma Gold/Mineral/Gem Detection System
    maxFynd is now including Chroma II with all our gold detecting cameras at no extra cost ........
Chroma TV
This is for those that don't want to take a laptop into the field to process the camera shots for go..
D. Chroma Confirmer - RainMate
  An application method that will test your Chroma cross indications for Solar Good. Of great benef..
eNigmacam 'Fieldmaster' TI-VB06
                                                              Now with Chroma II !  http:/..
eNigmaCam 'HotShot' aka Vorsman Enigma
 Users have  found over $70,000USD Gold Coins and a gold artefact worth $100,00USD.   The eNigmaCa..
Fielding 3D
This is a great gold detecting camera for those who prefer 120 film photography. It will perform in ..
Gold Cam Cap
Covert goldhunting has never been this easy. It's annoying when passers-by and motorists see you det..
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