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Assaya - In Car Gold Detector (eNigmacam)

Assaya - In Car Gold Detector (eNigmacam)
Assaya - In Car Gold Detector (eNigmacam)
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The maxFynd Assaya puts you in the drivers seat in the race to find gold both natural and man-made.


  Now with Chroma II !





The Assaya kit includes:

  • Assaya camera & accessories (see below)




Features 120 degree field of capture along with night vision.

Examine the video record at your leisure during your next break. Shows the location of gold clearly.

Download to a laptop or view on DVR.

Handy as a car incident camera too.

With this unit you can 'assay' not hundreds of square miles but thousands, and at the end of the day have the entire trip on record which you can easily sift through.

Planning a desert expedition? No worries with the Assaya In Car Gold Detector. This is virtually set and forget!


You can stop at the spots shown to detect with your metal detector or even with the Viblan accesories included that come with the kit. These will give you the depth, type of gold & whether micro or not, and the exact location under your feet.

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