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The largest and most affordable collection of Long Range Gold Detectors on Earth   

Gold Scanners

High quality Gold Scanners available for purchase from maxFynd.

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    During the daytime you can simply look through the Spectro and know exactly where any gold lie..
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The 360 Degree Panoramic Lens for maxFynd Cameras
  The lens attachment shown at and selling for $595 is offered by maxFynd fo..
Ultra deep gold detector...up to 100 feet. Fill the pipe flask with a little water and you're set. ..
  Hands-free long range gold & metal detecting is here! Completely wireless! No connection to a..
Turbo Gold Pistol
With this light and easy to use pistol you can detect gold down to 50 feet and have fun doing so. Y..
Looks like a flying saucer and what it does is out of this world!   It will rotate giving a colorf..
  maxFynd's latest release, the Viblan 'Vanetto 'is a long range detector to get excited about. Not ..
VB 21 Golden Eagle
  This autodrone by maxFynd Mods is one of the best ways to find gold and have a fun time as well. ..
Viblan ' FieldLab' (refurb.)
  The Viblan FieldLab is a handheld long range gold and mineral detector that will also detect  gem..
ZIIC Airmaster
   Here's a really fun way to detect down 50 feet standing above a target.The Airmaster will detect..
Get proactive this detecting season with an effective long range instrument, the Zooka.   A joy to..
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