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Gold Scanners

High quality Gold Scanners available for purchase from maxFynd.

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Optic Ranger (aka Traceur III)
    The Optic Ranger (aka Traceur III) glasses will let you know exactly where gold both natural a..
Ouncer Plus
Spin the Ouncer Plus and check with the Joola where it indicates gold. It will detect gold out to 10..
Hang the micro-ozone generator (safe 0.04ppm)  round your neck and use the Joola to determine the go..
maxFynd is extremely proud to announce our entirely new development in the field of long range detec..
pH Gold Scanner
Here is just the thing for alluvial gold searching. The end of the meter is immersed in your favorit..
Pocket Lucent
Now this is a pocket rocket like no other!   Simply scan around until light turns on. It will only..
Pocket Strobe Detector
Battery powered strobe fits in your pocket and will detect gold anywhere. Strobe rate changes when u..
Pointer Joola
Pointer Mode Joola Will allow detection while you enjoy the scenery with it'sshort arcing from side..
           maxFynd Mods & maxFynd remote proudly introduce the  PRESIDIUM RANGE            ..
This palm-sized long range detector will correctly indicate the direction of a gold occurrence from ..
  The latest detector from maxFynd will really bring a new perspective to your shallow hunting for ..
Road Master
Totally user-friendly!   Acrtivate your car's GPS unit in 11 minutes and detect gold wherever you ..
Watch a small digital screen on this handheld detector to spot gold down to 50 feet and great distan..
Just shine your wind-up torch into the dark landscape and see where the gold lies by watching the be..
Smart Joola II
  Following on from the success of the Joola angle we have pleasure in presenting the Smart Joola I..
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