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Miner II
This handheld detector is extremely easy to use and will zero in on gold wherever it is up to hundre..
Smaller than a matchbox, this tiny gold detector connects to a keyring.   Held like an eraser and ..
Combine LED color-changing disks to pinpoint the gold target specifying depth and size. New Modulit..
A covert gold pinpointer second to none. Simply insert an inch into ground above a likely target and..
 Mr Scanning is a motorised hand-held gold scanning pistol available from maxFynd. Using it is strai..
A tiny music box engine is cranked and indicates gold when the music slows down a tiny amount. The J..
Mystery Long Range Marvel - Maximus I
  maxFynd has developed an ultra-powerful long range detector.the likes of which has never been see..
Night Agent
Shine an included UV torch onto a small bag and check for telltale hue that indicates gold is in dii..
Night Joola
Often, long range detecting reaches an end at sunset. No longer! The Joola now boasts a night functi..
Optic Ranger
        Wear these unique sunglasses to spot natural gold locations above or below the ground su..
Optic Ranger (aka Traceur III)
    The Optic Ranger (aka Traceur III) glasses will let you know exactly where gold both natural a..
maxFynd is extremely proud to announce our entirely new development in the field of long range detec..
A portable laser stage light that fills a small room with a myriad of color blocks is set up. Smoke ..
PC Monitor Stress - An Answer For Your Eyes
This is nothing to do with remote sensing, but it will make your pc life a lot better on your eyes. ..
The maxFynd Penetrometer uses ionic shift expressed in decibels to detect gold. No-brainer though t..
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