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Perfect Compass
With the Perfect Compass in one hand and the Joola in the other you have the perfect combination for..
Pi Lite
Throw the bag of light-sensitive plastic down and check for luminosity with eyes, Joola then remote ..
Planette will really test your acceptance of concrete concepts IQ. But it really works!   Bimodal ..
Small modified plasma ball that works from batteries or laptop, Contains gas that is ionized by high..
           maxFynd Mods & maxFynd remote proudly introduce the  PRESIDIUM RANGE            ..
  Christmas morning and whattdoyaknow.! You have another fishfinder to go with your other better on..
Project Goldfish II
What could be simpler? You take out your smartphone and scan around you. The wallpaper/screensaver i..
Prove Joola Not Dowsing
Wear this special glove to prove the Joola is not divining or dowsing but a special allloy that work..
User-friendly detector that will detect gold down to 50 feet. Simply time how long before a magnetic..
Rainbow's End
A handheld long range gold detector that indicates gold direction each time the color changes. verif..
You've finally arrived at your detecting area 60 miles away and's raining! Worry no more about..
The RayScan is a Fresnel lens wedge of magnification that will show a ray on the lens as you scan an..
Attach Saaber to smartphone which has been activated by maxFynd online and twirl as per guide. Test ..
Sandman by maxFynd is an all-range gold detector that affixes to your smartphone as a case.   When..
Servante II
Similar to the Servante  wand this is a must have unit. It's range is as awesome as the other maxFyn..
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