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E-M Gold Ball
One of two balls is rubbed between the hands. When the user feels a certain difference outlined in t..
Eager Beaver
True to it's name this little gold pistoler will beep when you point to gold. Only a few grams in we..
Earth Resistance Gold  Detector
This  detector is for gold possibilities below the user. Based on Earth Resistance Testers used in G..
eNigmaCam Extras
Owners of eNigmacams can boost the value of their units by purchasing a number of add-ons. As well a..
EpROX Car Tx Combo
      The maxFynd EpROX Vehicle Transmitter Combo is compact and effective. Fit this tidy transmi..
eXray - Turn Metal Detectors into Long Range Units
A maxFynd World First!     Now you can change that old standard beeper metal detector into a lo..
Extra Cam Power!
  If you require detection of iron artefacts or structures, manmade copper-based objects (brass-bro..
Ezy Ball
Easiest way to find gold! Just drop in the balls provided by maxFynd and watch as the designated bal..
A bunch of fiberoptic rods is moved up and down as the user faces areas in search of gold. A black h..
eFIELDCHECK     Now, what every goldhunter has been crying out for over the years.   It's the m..
Of immense value to anyone seeking to detect many metals and gems. A digital video system that is de..
Final Reality - The Top
An electronic spinning top that will indicate the direction of any gold above or below surface. The ..
Flambo -- Gold & Fire Detector (beta)
We were almost too afraid to show this experimental detector since it might frighten people.   In ..
Fynd Silk
Looks like a magic trick and it finds gold like magic but it's a genuine detector! And you can just ..
  Geosat II Maxim  is $3750 USD. It comes with the Chroma program and the eNigmacam function for th..
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