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This long range detector is worn like a wristwatch and alerts the user with a vibrating alert on the..
Amazingly simple but completely accurate! Comes with Microtell Joola  for avoidance of microgold and..
Are you a fox, rabbit, or wild dog hunter? There are many shooters that would enjoy their sport more..
Bio Joola
  Latest styling:  Top: New Joulair   Bottom: Classic Joola   With this amazing gold tool you s..
Butterfly Ball
If you like a quieter detector maxFynd has the Butterfly Ball. This has no LED display but performs ..
  Celsior is a temperature wand that obeys scientific principles developed by maxFynd. The shift i..
Prototype of Charlatan, a dual long range detector.   It features a micro-LED array that flashes u..
A dancing liquid fountain powered by a maxFynd sound source throws spectral colors above the user wh..
Custom Joola
This Joola can be customized to use software that willl detect gold, silver, oil , warmest/coolest s..
Dain-Lees Fieldscan aka maxFynder Miner
aka maxFynder Miner   Here it is! A dream come true for all gold seekers!   Don these goggle..
Solar powered , this great detector will give you an indication of gold and where it lies anywhere a..
Doppler Gold Pistol III
NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT   Point and shoot technology. You will know the direction of any gold ..
Laser arrays are the flavor of the month. The Gravitational Wave discovery was made using them. max..
Dr Joola
   Latest styling. Top: New Joulair  Bottom: Classic Joola   We all strain our bodies, twist ou..
A beautiful sand frame that creates 3D patterns and allows detection of gold  down to 50 feet and hu..
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