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Turn this ball detector over above an area and see a blue mark appear on the screen only when there ..
Ionik 'Aubiter'
A must watch:   Here it is folks...the Ionik 'Aubiter..
Jack Sparrow Watch
  Light and comfortable this digital watch will indicate the presence of gold at long range using g..
Joola Depth Box
First off the rank for 2018 -- The Depth Box for the Joola angle tool. Hold this in front of the ar..
Joola III (Reprom)
      Latest styling. Top : new Joulair   Bottom: Joola   Connect the Joola to your USB port ..
Joola Master
The handle is light and ergonomically comfortable and will charge the Joola tool to detect any numbe..
Joola Master Set
Four Joola angle tools that willl test a target point for gold characteristics. This will confirm 10..
Joola Rearview
  These special rear-view glasses allow you to see behind you and are very handy in the field. The..
Jurassic Spatial Gold Detector
  THIS IS NOT A GAME BUT A LONG RANGE DETECTOR FOR REAL GOLD!!         The three clips below t..
Lavak III
Looks like a lava lamp but it's actually a long range gold detector that works perfectly!   It has..
 NOTE for me This is the black box with the ed array and lens nose plus dial on top. Forget the hea..
LightBox II
Hold like an old-style camera and wait for the LEDs to shine in the exact direction of any gold.   ..
A night only detector, this will detect all gold in the vicinity of the unit by shining laser beams..
Attach to your footwear and walk along  a beach or field at night. The luminosity of the Lumo will c..
Lux Wand
Wave this over a possible gold area and you will surprised that the gold lies at every point the col..
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