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Golden Hare

Golden Hare
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You will receive an android phone that has been converted to the Golden Hare by maxFynd. It will allow every gold occurrence down to 200 feet below you to be indicated by a rise in treble tone against a tonal background very like a running hare. The Joola Microtell II angle tool will tell you the depth, type (natural or manmade) and size estimate. Also if reading taken at solar optimum thus accurate.


You can wear in top pocket as you walk over an area, or in your car as you drive.


You don't need to spend $10,000 on a top of the range metal detector or alternative gold sounder. The Golden Hare does it all with 100%  less fuss and perfectly. It is not subject to error. And will penetrate to 200 feet, not 2 and not much more.


It's guaranteed to work out of the box. In two minutes after opening box you will be detecting gold. That's how user-friendly it is.


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