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D. Chroma Confirmer - RainMate

D. Chroma Confirmer - RainMate
Product Code: Chroma Confirmer - RainMate
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An application method that will test your Chroma cross indications for Solar Good. Of great benefit in the field to test whether the gold locations processed by Chroma program are 100% accurate. If solar conditions have changed as you took the shots then it will be out a few feet. Ideal if you prefer using a program rather than the Joola, or together with it.


Truly innovative and a must for the serious maxFynder!


You can even process the Chroma shots with RainMate using your mobile or smartphone if you can get the internet.


The name has nothing to do with solar conditions although it is apt in a way. It's a trade secret you will see when you buy it. The solar conditions relate to solar storm activity that interferes with maxFynd long range detection, not weather on Earth.


You need to have the Chroma system as outlined at link:

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