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Smart Joola II
  Following on from the success of the Joola angle we have pleasure in presenting the Smart Joola I..
Smart Plant
 Take this small plant and bob it over a possible gold area. It will bob to the side a little if the..
Place this meter into the soil above a potential target and watch the needle indicate whether there ..
Solar Compass (Refurb.)
    Take this into a sunny area and watch as the solar-driven motor spins. In the shade the spin..
Solar Engine Gold Detector
  Based on the famous Hookes Radiometer this solar engine will indicate gold direction using it's t..
  In the lab a bubble is seen to implode giving off light   Google 'sonoluminescence' to get th..
Spiralo beta
Spinning tops wasn't like this as we recall.   The Spiralo will scribe a perfect way to establish ..
You're probably wondering by now whether this is a joke site. The answer is... NO! All maxFynd ins..
Target Confirmer
Will confirm targets. There are two parts to the kit:   1. An electronic component system amplifie..
The 360 Degree Panoramic Lens for maxFynd Cameras
  The lens attachment shown at and selling for $595 is offered by maxFynd fo..
The Aquaplane
Turn on the provided Aquaplane humidifier in your room (AC) or car (Inverter) and scan using the Joo..
The Eclipse
A simple procedure that works every time. The small Eclipse box is shaken from side to side three t..
  Looks like a truncated egg but don't get this ultra-long range gold detector wrong. It's pick up ..
The Geologist II - Online Activation for Existing Phone (Gold, Oil, Gas, Meteorites, Platinum,Water)
Following on the success of the Geologist I is Geologist II, allowing detection of Gold, Oil, Gas, M..
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