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Genius 60

Genius 60
Product Code: The Viblan Genius
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 Genius 60 aka  Hawkeye II Advisor

A highly intelligent detector as it's name suggests. Folds up to matchbox size weighing 4 grams. Micro though it seems, it is the best bet for any serious detector person, be they short or long range enthusiasts.



Extremely user-friendly, it will indicate the exact location of gold natural or manmade by beeping. Amazingly, it will also tell you the depth to the gold.

Customizable to detect many precious metals (beta will detect gemstones) you will marvel at this piece of electronic brilliance. (Note: Only one metal etc per Genius but 30% off  price for any more than one purchased within 10 days of previous.)




Joola comes with kit enabling depth, weight & type of gold determination.






  Here is a short clip showing how to obtain depth to target.


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