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Antique Brass Gold Detector

Antique Brass Gold Detector
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Beautifully engineered solid heavy brass Gold Detector from maxFynd. Great gift for the gold detector enthusiast!

Unbreakable build featuring spirit level, compass, tri-screwheel adjustment, two lens adjustment wheels. Will detect gold up to about 500 feet. Inverted image telescope with high definition. Great for your lounge room tabletop as well. Discreet! Only 5 in. high x 5 in. length. 1.45 kg.

Comes with mF brass angle for gold parameter determination.

 The maxFynd solid brass Dumpy Level Gold Indicator is a replica of a surveying instrument (not a gold detector) used many decades ago. Not only is it a great gold detector (invented by maxFynd) but a fine piece of  yesteryear for home decorative use. It comes with the maxFynd Joola LG1 angle for determination of gold type, depth and distance. This is also a UV detector giving you the best chance of finding gold only when solar weather allows it. This eliminates the chance of interference from sunspots and electromagnetic magnetic radiation, one of the main reasons for inaccuracies in long range detection.

The method is straightforward. Take the Dumpy and place it on a level surface. It has a spirit level on the top to help with this and three adjustable screw wheels.  This is essentially to give a perfect compass reading but you will find it is not needed for general use if you use the Joola angle to confirm. An inverted image can be seen through the telescope which can be finely adjusted to give a perfectly crisp zoomed in image of the countryside.

Once the Dumpy is on the surface,  give it a gentle spin. Do this each time you want to take a compass reading. Walk round it with the Joola angle until it swings. Compare the point where it swings with the compass reading under the scope. Once they tally the gold in that direction is resonating and producing enough electromagnetic flux to cause both the Dumpy and the angle to agree. Ignore the direction the Telescope is pointing. You can check out the landscape using it. That's what it's for.

Now walk in front of where the compass needle (red) is pointing and count the steps past the Dumpy you need to walk before another swing. Each step is 100 feet . If you walk 3 steps past the Dumpy before a swing then the gold is 300 feet from the angle or to be precise from where your feet touch the ground.

Walk out , in this case 300 feet in a line with where the angle swung. You can snake around the imaginary signal line to know where it is connecting to the gold target and returning to the Dumpy. Once you are above the target the angle will swing back or in a circle.

Depth determination is simple. Above the target swing simply walk out from it until the next swing. The distance walked from the target point to the swing is the depth to the target.

Is it natural gold like nuggets or a reef or man-made such as jewellery , coins etc? Walk over the target point and watch which way the angle swings. If it swings towards you i.e. right to left it is natural gold. If it swings away from you it is man-made gold.

You needn't do this because it has already been done, but if you want to know whether the UV conditions are conducive to gold detection you can swing the angle across the west area. If the angle swings due West exactly,  the swings are correct. That is if the angle hesitates or drags or catches on a little at the same point being due West when you move it north to south and back south to north.  If not, see if  it  is close  i.e. slightly more southerly. Try to do your depth and type etc determination only when the angle swings due West exactly. You can use another compass to confirm due West. Often the angle will appear to swing due West but it is not exact enough for you to know. Some users prefer to know when the solar weather is good otherwise the analysis is futile.

 So now you know how far the gold is away and have determined depth and type of this gold. That is all there is to using the maxFynd Dumpy level Gold detector. It can find gold over hundreds of feet and so eliminates much of the time-wasting and hauling of a heavy metal detector. Plus if you're adventurous you can dig without using a metal detector to confirm.

It's recommended you do, but if you are confident from burying samples and finding them and their depth &  type you may be able to use the Dumpy on it's own. You can then really enjoy the wholly satisfying activity of long distance gold detecting without lugging heavy paraphernalia around , and in a fraction of the time.

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