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A. SKYWAVE - Viblan Gravitational Wave Gold Detector

A. SKYWAVE - Viblan Gravitational Wave Gold Detector
Product Code: A. SKYWAVE - Gravitational Wave Gold Detector
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Following news three days ago of the first conclusive proof Gravitational Waves exist according to Einstein's postulation 100 years ago, maxFynd has developed a world's first detector using them. This follows research by maxFynd some years ago.


In essence it's a keyring pair of entities, one a silicate mineral sphere and the other a small mF modded electrostatic tube. mF found that by scanning the keyring detector in front of the region near Sirius* the Joola tool willl swing in a complete circle aligned to a gold zone. Without this alignment to the fields of the Gravitational Waves, the Joola will only swing a liittle.

** The Gravitational Waves emanating from the black hole collision are in the area of the Magellanic Cloud near Canopus which is near Sirius. This was where they were believed to be officially and maxFynd found the echo area without knowing before the announcement.


RANGE: Up to 55 miles on large deposits....Depth: 50 feet.




Below: The Magellanic Clouds where the initial Gravitational Waves are thought to have originated.




Northern skies: Sirius-Canopus line then continue on according to simple instructions





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