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Note: Please check with maxFynd if area available.


Find gold &  now other metals with an attractive GPS in a user-friendly way!


All you need is the GPS provided by maxFynd and you're set.


The basic unit will find gold and one other metal of your choice. More than that is $100 extra for each metal or gem.


NOTE: May not work in some countries.


Drive to your location and move the joystick around until a flag appears. After two or three of these autoflags that will appear over up to 1000 yards/meters from your stationary position , visit the locations and prove there is gold or other metals there using the Joola angle, included in the package.. This will also give you the depth to target and  whether it's natural or manmade gold or other metal. Plus an idea of of size.


The targets are not from any database but direct from the unit, detecting in realtime. You can view the waypoints you've marked at the proven flagpoints on Google Earth.


Also with the Geosat I is an optional inbuilt compass function for gold detection. This is $72USD extra,.


Only maxFynd has developed the technology to allow this. It has never been seen before. Take a look at how it works below.












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