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The maxFynd 'Trekkiscope' is a long range detector built into a high quality aluminium walking pole that offers exceptional gold-finding qualities and support for those who like to travel as well.

The pole itself comes in either electric blue or red and is accompanied by a high quality finish. It features anti-shock internal springing to cushion any impact while walking.

There are two programs on the CD that accompanies the unit. The programs are transferred to the desktop of a pc of any size that can run Windows (except the embedded 6.0 etc variety and some others).

Trekkiscope Guide:

  1. Open the first program on the screen and go to Setup. Select first under Load Saved Settings. If in doubt, read the appendix on the CD.
  2. Open the second program and adjust the size to fill the main empty box and set the magnification 20x.
  3. Go to the top left on Program 1 and select Start. You will see a waterfall of coloured stripes and points of coloured lights.
  4. Adjust magnifier program (#2) so that you see the top of the hertz number given on the CD under Appendix and the first ten coloured squares.
  5. Insert the cable from the Trekkiscope to the input on your computer sound card.
  6. Turn the Trekkiscope round to face the possible gold area when the Joola tool indicates it is solar-good, never before or solar storm activity will give false readings.
  7. You will see the coloured squares populated by the colour code given on the CD under Appendix.
  8. You will see that when the Joola tool indicates solar-good, the colour will populate the squares more frequently when the Trekkiscope is pointing in the direction of the suspected gold than not. You can test with mines etc where you know there is still gold. Most mines have gold too far down or unmined due to water inundation and closure. There is more often than not, a reef nearby.
  9. You can also use the Trekkiscope as a shorter ranger detector pointing it down as you walk or aiming at a certain part of the landscape.
  10. If your PC is small enough, you can mount it against your chest so you detect and walk at the same time. This is not as hard to do as you think, requiring only an old knapsack for a chest harness, stripped of all cloth etc until you just have the support. A board at the appropriate level will be enough for your PC to stay put.




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