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Geosat II Maxim  is $3750 USD. It comes with the Chroma program and the eNigmacam function for the inbuilt camera.


Please contact for the Geosat II ($2950) without camera function

Note: May not work in all areas. Please check with 


The Geosat II is this year's greatest prospecting tool by maxFynd!

 It allows detection of gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, oil, gas, cadmium, mercury, tin and other elements simply by reading symbols on your screen. You can use the GPS as a normal $800USD one if you don't want to detect gold and other metals. It also has a camera and  the largest screen possible, making it very easy on the eyes.

The target points are not from any database but original targets detected by the Geosat II unit in realtime.

 The included Joola angle will indicate depth, type and weight of the target even from hundreds of yards/meters away.

The unit will work with two AA batteries or its rechargeable battery that gives up to 18 hours continuous use.

You can work with the highest quality US State maps as a rule, but other countries are being examined as possibilties. It will not be very long before any country will scan with the Geosat II. The Geosat I will currently work in all countries.

If you want the Geosat II Maxim this is $3750 USD. It comes with the Chroma program and the eNigmacam function for the inbuilt camera.

Transferring waypoints and flags to Google Earth is very easy. This way you can sum up a day's detecting and plan for next time. Each detected point will be  zoomable on Google Earth so you can even see the nearest bush or tree to the target.

You can attach the Geosat II to your vehicle's windscreen for even more comfort. Tracking back to a target is easy. You'll never lose the exact position. As well GPS is not subject to Wi-Fi avalability like smartphones.You can detect anywhere!











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