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Acme Thermal Image Detector

Acme Thermal Image Detector
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maxFynd has successfully managed to combine a thermal imaging camera and  a smartphone to give a superlative detector for gold. 

All you require is a smartphone. We provide the camera. The range is 1000 feet horizontally and 16m depth.

As well it can be used for normal thermal imaging needs such as checking temperature of appliances, detection of water leaks, spotting animals etc.

It is also a top night vision camera for those who like to see the unseen.

The camera is the Seek Thermal Imaging XR camera. Only in the last years has imaging come down from the many thousands of dollars range. We recommend you do a Google search for this camera.


maxFynd has modified the smartphone /camera pairing so gold is easily detectable anywhere 24/7.


You will be able to establish depth, type, size and exact location of any gold manmade, natural or microgold.


The detector features photo and video capability and highest/lowest temperature indications  plus spot temperature, among other features like palette color choices and time/location options.






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