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Chroma TV

Chroma TV
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This is for those that don't want to take a laptop into the field to process the camera shots for gold with Chroma II.


At this stage you can connect your smartphone in the field to your pc running Chroma II at home and process shots taken this way. The edited shots are then relayed to your phone in the field.


If you want an easier way then this is for you.


The Intel Data stick (Compute) allows you to run Windows 10 and thus Chroma II on the HDMI enabled mini tv.The TV can run off your car battery via a special cable or from a charged 12V  Lead-Acid battery obtainable from any electronics store. Both Compute stick and TV are provided by maxFynd.


You can also use an existing HDMI enabled mini TV and use the Compute stick provided by us and the Chroma software. The price is negotiable if you want to partially buy.


The Compute stick and mini TV can be used both as a pocket computer for use with TVs anywhere for any purpose you wish to.


Joola provided as with all our detectors. This enables depth, pinpointing and weight estimation.

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