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PC/Smartphone Detectors

Range of detectors for pc and smartphone

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Google Glass is Coming! maxFynd is ready!
   AVAILABLE NOW!!!   You've probably heard that Google Glass, a wearable computer that sits ..
    A  modified smartphone application that uses gravity readings taken over different places to i..
maxFynd Bushmaster Plus
  The Bushmaster is just that. It will provide gold direction and is a lot of fun to use. Now with..
Many questions regarding night vision / detection have prompted maxFynd to develop a way using your ..
OS Field Processor
All you need to find gold using a laptop or smartphone, ipad, tablet or mini pc. It can be any of th..
Polar Plus Analyzer
      The Polar Plus Analyer by maxFynd (PPA) is a smartphone system comprising many tools. The..
Real Gold Radar Mk I & II
2013-12-05  There is a free android app available from Play Store which is for entertainment purpose..
Point your smartphone with the app installed and know where the gold or other metals are by reading ..
All you need is your Android and the Hotshot aerial to find the location of gold down tens of feet, ..
Special Detector PC Apps
An assortment of software programs made by maxFynd for use with the Joola angle and a pc. That's all..
The Geologist
The Geologist - Online Activation for Existing Phone
This is for the phone you already have. It's an online activation system that will turn your existin..
The Geologist II - Online Activation for Existing Phone (Gold, Oil, Gas, Meteorites, Platinum,Water)
Following on the success of the Geologist I is Geologist II, allowing detection of Gold, Oil, Gas, M..
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Wearable Gold Seeker
In the near future buyers of maxFynd products will get a 15% discount on a long range gold detector ..
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